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Discover the YOU that lives deep within and let that freak flag fly. This personal style discovery course will help you identify what kind of outward appearance matches the YOU on the inside! But it goes much much deeper! We will uncover the reasons why we have slowly quietly abandoned that TRUE self and what kind of things might we need to let go of in order to show up AUTHENTICALLY. The freedom of that life is just on the other side of this course!!! This course is laid out in bite sized pieces in order to help you FINISH! I’m someone who can’t stand OVERWHELM. I’ll walk away from something I might really want to do if it feels too overwhelming - so giving you the course in little doses was my antidote! Beginning 11/24/23 a new EPISODE will drop every Sunday thereafter! Access to watch videos and the ability to download / print the workbook and an open mind is all you need! Let's discover the ATMAN IN YOU! CODE: DEC50 FOR $50 OFF

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